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Bringing Help To Women in Dallas with Convoy of Hope

We kicked off our partnership with Convoy of Hope a few weeks ago with our first event in our own backyard of Dallas, Texas.  We were excited to be offering breast health services to women in need and to make an impact in the Dallas community.  What we didn’t realize was the impact the people we were serving would have on us.

As we entered the event, we saw tents for shoes, groceries, haircuts, job assistance, healthcare and family photos.  We took a few minutes to walk through these tents and were moved to tears as we saw the joy on a child’s face as they received a new pair of shoes, and the relief of parents who received groceries for their family. 

At our tent, pink and white striped so that it cast a pink glow on everyone inside, we welcomed women with an overview of the resources available inside the tent, calendars with educational information and pink bags so they could easily carry the information they would be collecting that day.  We set up iPads so women could watch educational videos on Beyond the Shock and create an Early Detection Plan which we could print for them to take home. 

Parkland Hospital, one of our partners, brought their mammovan and were able to perform 40 mammograms for women who could not afford them and made mammogram appointments for many others.  One of the Parkland nurses held demonstrations for how to perform a breast self-exam, stressing the importance of this as a way to detect any abnormalities early.

Natasha stopped by our tent and told us that she wanted to come by because of a friend that had breast cancer.  Her friend had been too scared to get a mammogram because she didn’t know what to expect, despite finding a lump in her breast.  Her friend had recently passed away. 

Natasha got her first mammogram that day at the Parkland Hospital mammovan.  Her advice to women: “Don’t wait. Don’t wait another day, don’t wait another minute. Get screened.”

Our next stop with Convoy of Hope is in Frederick, Maryland!

Thank Your Mom. Help A Mom in Need.

Our Founder, Janelle Hail, was 34 years old and a mother of three little boys when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thanks to early detection, she was able to catch the disease in its early stages. Today, her boys are grown up with children of their own.

To honor moms like Janelle, we wanted to help you say “Thank You” to your mom this Mother’s Day. Thank your mom by uploading a video to Viddy on your iPhone using the hashtags #yourmom and #mymom.  Don’t forget to share your video on Twitter and encourage your friends and family to upload their videos! 

Help a mom in need by making a donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation in your mom’s honor. Your donation will help provide mammograms, breast health services and early detection education for women in need.